• How to fix phalangeal fractures? How to fix phalangeal fractures? Jan 04,2021
    Treatment of Phalangeal Fractures. Phalange neck fracturesare common in children and rare in adults. This type of fracture is difficult to treat. Regarding the fixation method, we can use kirschner wire to restore and fix the fracture but this method requires exquisite surgical techniques otherwise the patient will possibly suffer some postoperative complications, for example, joint stif...
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  • PVP or PKP, How to Choose? PVP or PKP, How to Choose? Jan 04,2021
    Treatment of Osteoporotic Vertebral Fractures. Both PVP and PKP can definitely relieve the pain symptoms of patients. The pain relief rate of osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures exceeds 90%, and the pain relief rate of tumorous vertebral body lesions is between 75%-90%. The operation of PVP is relatively simple, the operation time is short, no balloon expansion operation is required, the ...
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