Surgaid Medical  (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. is committed to surgical product development ,production and marketing. In particular, minimally invasive surgical products. Minimally invasive surgery is a surgical direction of development. The company first introduced products and disposable puncture kit, which is a bridge leading to the minimally invasive surgery. After a year of product development, in clinical use with good effect. Comparable with similar imported products. Together with the use of 5 new patents and one patent. If the use of the product design based on having the spiral puncture technique, for young doctors to avoid abdominal visceral injuries due to violence broke into the abdominal cavity puncture arising situation. And piercer penetrating abdominal cavity with a controlled speed, depth controlled, fixed abdominal solid, locator broke into the abdominal cavity to prevent piercer advantages. Products using Orange Peel seal piece designed by 5mm or 10mm instrument without using a converter. Easy to use for clinicians.

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