Watching the Unveiling of the Double Medical Education Research Institute as a Milestone in Domestic Medical Industry


A few days ago, the Double Medical Education Research Institute which refers to Education Institute as follows was officially put into service. This is the first medical academic institution established by a local Chinese company that meets international operating standards, breaking the monopoly of multinational enterprises related to the field, which leads a pioneering role and is regarded as a milestone in the domestic medical industry.

The Education Institute is an integration of functions such as professional surgical training, equipment display experience, innovation experimental base and so forth, focusing on medical education, training and academic exchanges. Of which, Orthopaedics Simulation Laboratory, in terms of hardware scale, construction investment and system construction, are way ahead of  other domestic enterprises.

Equipped with first-class level facilities

The total construction area of the Education Institute is 5500m².

In the theoretical teaching area, with a number of spacious and bright meeting rooms, providing a comfortable environment of exchange and learning for special seminars, medical lectures and medical technology training. Also, video conferences or remote surgical rebroadcasts can be held through advanced network and audio and video systems, which helps to effectively save working time and costs, greatly improve efficiency, and well realize barrier-free communication and exchange across regions.

The simulation operation area of Education Institute provides a full range of training in open surgery, endoscopy and interventional techniques. Wherein, the dry lab provides a prosthetic bone operating table and a virtual laparoscopic surgery simulator while the wet lab with radiation safety protection has been carried out in the whole region, which guarantees that the surgical drills on isolated organs and live animals can be conducted to help doctors improve traditional surgery, carry out minimally invasive surgery, and grasp the application of new technology and equipment more quickly.

Professional training solutions provided

The Education Institute will cooperate with Double Innovation and Technology R & D Center to give full play to its independent R & D and technical advantages, work together with domestic and foreign top tier medical institutions, universities and scientific research institutions, invite domestic and international experts from various disciplines to form a steering group to participate in the curriculum formulation and implementation, and strive to build a professional system of training solutions so as to improve doctors’ diagnosis and treatment technology and hospital management. In the meanwhile, the Education Institute will systematically and effectively promote new surgical techniques and equipment, so that doctors can get adequate training and practice before entering clinical practice.

The curriculum of Education Institute covers multiple medical fields such as orthopedics, minimally invasive surgery, neurosurgery, wound surgery and dentistry. Through the step-to-step training system, more targeted operational guidance, standard requirements and tests, the course will be more close to the needs of students, effectively improve the training effectiveness, help more Chinese doctors to grow.

At the forefront of the academic field

Relying on Double Medical’s service network covering more than 50 countries and regions around the world, the Education Institute has built an effective communication platform.

On the one hand, the most advanced international scientific and technological achievements can be applied in China’s clinical treatment as soon as possible so as to help patients improve their quality of life to the greatest extent by inviting foreign experts and scholars to present the latest developments of world medical frontiers and training domestic medical staff.

On the other hand, the Double Medical Education Research Institute gives a window to  establish a decent two-way communication mechanism, build a professional and diversified display, exchange and cooperation platform for domestic medical professionals and institutions, and show the achievements of Chinese medical development to the world, which aims at enhancing the comprehensive influence of China’s medical industry in the world.

In the future, Double Medical will continue to uphold the purpose of “from the clinic, serve the clinic,” fully realize the professional education advantages of the Institute and boost the ability and level of medical professionals to promote the upgrading of China's localized medical service quality. With the aim of building the “academic flagship” of modern medical care in China, Asia and even the world, Double Medical deeply practices the solemn commitment of the common development with Chinese medical and health undertakings for the sake of the health of the people.

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