the First International Advanced Orthopedic Course

In order to strengthen communication and exchange between Chinese orthopedics and global peers, and establish a long-term international cooperation and exchange platform, the Dialogue Across Borders | First International Advanced Orthopedics Course was successfully held in Shanghai from May 31 to June 2, 2024, sponsored by the Clinical Technology Training Base of Orthopedics of China Medical Equipment Association and jointly organized by Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and the Sixth Affiliated People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

This conference attracted over 70 participants from 10 countries around the world, including Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Egypt, Thailand, Peru, Chile, South Africa, Singapore, and China, as well as numerous experts and colleagues from Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University and the Sixth Affiliated People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, to jointly explore the latest cutting-edge technologies in the field of orthopedics. During the conference, as the first certified "Orthopedic Clinical Technology Training Base" by the China Medical Equipment Association, Double Education Research Institute won unanimous praise and high recognition from attendees with its comprehensive, systematic, and high-quality professional education services.

01 Grand Opening Ceremony, Discussing the Development of Orthopedics Together

On June 1st, the opening ceremony was grandly held at the National Orthopedic Medical Center of the Sixth Affiliated People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University School. It was presided over by Rui Biyu, Deputy Director of the Management Office of the National Orthopedic Medical Center of the Sixth Affiliated People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Professor Ma Xin, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Sixth Affiliated People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Professor Fan Cunyi, Director of Orthopedics, Goh Seo Kiat, Deputy Director of Orthopedics Department of the Central Hospital of Singapore, Tiutiunnikov Aleksandr, Trauma Director of the Fourth Clinical Medical Surgery Center in Omsk, Russian Federation, and 8 course executive vice chairmen attended the event.

Professor Jiang Jianyuan, the course chairman, delivered a welcome speech through a video, emphasizing the importance of orthopedic doctors in learning clinical anatomy. Professor Ma Xin, the course executive chairman, expressed in his welcome speech the strategic significance of establishing a long-term international cooperation and exchange platform for the National Orthopedics Medical Center as a leading team in China's orthopedics.

02 Celebrities Gathering, Global Smart Collision

The course is held in three major venues, covering four sub majors: ankle, joint, shoulder, and pelvis. It is personally taught and guided by authoritative experts in various fields, with 8 course executive vice chairmen leading each other. From the ankle course taught by Professor Wang Xu and Professor Shi Zhongmin to the joint course taught by Professor Xia Jun and Professor Zhang Xianlong, to the shoulder course taught by Professor Chen Wenjun and Professor Chen Yunfeng, as well as the pelvic course taught by Professor Sun Yuqiang and Professor Rui Biyu, the experts poured their hearts into each other, providing rich and diverse content.

The first day of the course mainly includes surgical demonstrations, case discussions, theoretical lectures, especially the interpretation of international clinical guidelines for minimally invasive treatment of hallux valgus, adult PCFD treatment strategies, new technologies for internal fixation of proximal humeral fractures, strategies for managing multiple pelvic injuries, and digital technologies in knee joint step treatment. Hot topics such as in-depth exchanges were held, and the atmosphere was lively. The students were still unsatisfied.

03 Precision Dissection, Insight into Cutting-edge Surgical Techniques

On June 2nd, students from four sub professional groups gathered at Shanghai Medical College Fudan University to participate in a course on gross anatomy. Under the guidance of the executive vice chairs of their respective sub specialties, the ankle group performed ankle joint fusion and minimally invasive MICA technology for the treatment of hallux valgus; The shoulder group delved into the anatomy of the proximal humerus and the technique of intramedullary nail implantation; The pelvic group practiced anterior and posterior approach techniques; The knee joint group underwent detailed dissection of the total knee joint and unicompartmental approach. In the group practice, mentors provided meticulous guidance and comprehensive answers to student questions, creating an efficient and focused learning environment.

In the summary of this course, Professor Rui Biyu, the Executive Vice Chairman of the course, stated that a orthopedic professor once said that orthopedic doctors who have just completed the anatomy class are the most "dangerous" because they may try complex surgeries due to increased confidence, which may bring risks to patients. Although excellent anatomical knowledge is the foundation of successful surgery, successful surgery also requires consideration of various factors such as indication selection, case matching, detailed preoperative planning, appropriate tool preparation, optimal approach decision-making, meticulous operation, and strict postoperative monitoring. The core value of anatomical learning is to comprehensively enhance these abilities and ensure that each patient receives the best treatment.

This international course focuses on the forefront of international medicine, accelerating the integration of global orthopedic intelligence, and laying a solid foundation for promoting the common progress and development of global orthopedic medicine. In the future, Double Medical will continue to adhere to the principle of "originating from clinical practice and serving clinical practice", fully leverage the professional education advantages of educational institutions, promote the dual improvement of professional abilities and service levels of medical professionals, promote the upgrading of localized medical service quality in China, and continuously promote the global level of orthopedic diagnosis and treatment to new heights, benefiting orthopedic patients worldwide.

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