ILizarov Round External Fixator

Round External Fixator is for the treatment of non-union or pseudoarthrosis of long bones and correction of bone or soft tissue defects or deformities.
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  • Biological tissue is subjected to slow and continuous extension to produce a certain amount of tension, which can stimulate the regeneration and active growth of tissue.
  • Pre-assembled hinges, angular distractors, and other functional components which are easy to connect, align and operate.
  • Modular nature allows for the construction of  individual frames; hinges provide a free combination for  various deformities.


  • Severe or complex traumatic fractures, such as multiple, comminuted fractures or soft tissue injuries
  • Partially infected fractures, such as acute chronic focal infection (osteomyelitis)
  • Nonunion, defect, pathological resection of large segment of bone
  • Congenital tibiofibula false joint
  • Bone deformities: healing after trauma, congenital deformities (angular, limb shortening, syndactylia)
  • Joint diseases: deformity, contracture, spasticity, dislocation, dysplasia and degeneration
  • Limb extension and reconstruction:  limb discrepancy, limb lengthening 
  • Deformity of foot and ankle:  talipes equinovarus, talipes cavus, cerebral palsy foot drop
  • Treatment with distraction osteogenesis : regeneration of skin, muscles, tendons, blood vessels and nerves; Chronic ischemic vascular diseases, such as obliterans, diabetes
  • Other adjuvant treatments, eg. dislocation treatment is performed before artificial joint replacement


  • Round External Fixator Instrument Set


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