Double Medical Boosts Global Medical Technology Innovation and Cooperation - International Trauma Course at Peking University Third Hospital Successfully Concludes

March 28-29, 2024 – The 1.5-day International Trauma Course jointly organized by the Trauma Department of Peking University Third Hospital and Double Medical Institute concluded successfully in Beijing. The event brought together 13 experts and scholars from six countries including Russia, South Africa, Thailand, Bulgaria, and Chile, focusing on cutting-edge technological innovations and practical applications in the field of trauma medicine. Discussions revolved around pushing forward international cooperation and exchange in trauma medicine.

01. Global Perspective, Cutting-edge Analysis

In the theoretical teaching session, Professor Tian Yun and Professor Zhou Fang from Peking University Third Hospital delivered specialized lectures on the advanced applications of 3D printing technology and the PFUN surgical system, respectively. Additionally, Professor Tian Yun, Professor Zhou Fang, Professor Lv Yang, Dr. Liu Bingchuan from Peking University Third Hospital, Professor Kubicek Juraj from South Africa, Professor Patsaporn Onsitong from Thailand, and Professor Carlos Marcel Bustamante San Martín from Chile jointly presented case studies on the treatment selection for complex trauma cases. Participants engaged in lively discussions and exchanges, exploring the topics deeply.

02. Simulated Surgery, Mastery of Skills

In the surgical demonstration session, divided into two groups, Professor Tian Yun guided the treatment of osteomyelitis and bone defects, focusing on the innovative application of 3D printing technology in bone defect repair. Meanwhile, Professor Zhou Fang instructed on the treatment of hip fractures, providing detailed explanations on PFUN surgical techniques and challenges, effectively enhancing participants' understanding and practical skills in complex fracture treatment.

Professor Tian Yun expressed that this international trauma course was highly successful and marks the beginning of cooperation between Peking University Third Hospital and trauma academic institutions in various participant countries, looking forward to deeper collaboration in the future. Professor Arnold John Phillip from South Africa and Professor Zhaglin Anton from Russia suggested strengthening international project cooperation, personnel exchange, and graduate student training in the field of medical materials research. They hope that Double Medical Institute will continue to build a high-level international exchange platform, benefiting trauma patients worldwide.

Rooted in clinical practice and serving clinical needs, as a leading enterprise in the domestic medical device industry, Double Medical will continue to focus on unmet clinical needs. By strengthening academic construction and innovative investment, it aims to promote the research and transformation of more globally leading technologies and innovative products, providing "Double Medical" wisdom and strength for the thriving development of the national medical device industry.
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