Congratulations! Double Medical Has been approved to set up the national postdoctoral research station in 2020

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the national postdoctoral management committee issued notice file about setting up 497 units of post-doctoral scientific research workstations. Double Medical has been approved to set up postdoctoral research station, which was fully recognized independent innovation and technology research and development of Double Medical over the years.

Make further progress and climb a new peak. Setting up post-doctoral scientific research workstation is another result-oriented initiatives for Double Medical. Meanwhile, it also has marked that Double Medical has taken a firmer step in professional, innovation, diversification, internationalization. Also, it strengthen the confidence of independent research and development of Double Medical, and promoted the deep integration of manufacturing, study and research, which will inject new vigor and vitality to the company's scientific research work.

The post-doctoral scientific research workstation which is an organization to recruit and train the postdoctoral researchers within enterprises, scientific research and production units and special regional institutions. Meanwhile, the post-doctoral scientific research workstation is a combination of production, study and research, enhancing the ability of effective carrier of enterprise independent innovation to attract agglomeration of postdoctoral talents, which improves the enterprise technology innovation, and promotes transformation from scientific research achievements.

Be brave to face with challenges. Double Medical has always attached great importance to R&D, innovation and talent strategy, focused on establishing elite research teams, recruiting and cultivating high-level talents such as for basic research, clinical research and development, and engineering research and development, and striving to create a benchmark of the medical device industry since the establishment of Double Medical. Up to now, the company possesses 306 patents, including 33 invention patents. There are 414 medical device registration certificates and records, among which 74 are medical device registration certificates of class III. Currently, the company has several R&D platforms, including the National Certified Enterprise Technology Center, Fujian Orthopedic Medical Device Engineering Technology Research Center, Xiamen Medical Device R&D and Testing Center (Xiamen Public Technical Service Platform) and so on.

This is a good opportunity for the company to focus on the field of scientific research by providing an excellent platform for the company to further recruit and cultivate high-level scientific research talents. In the next stage, Double Medical will accelerate the introduction of postdoctorals to participate in product research and development, which can become the source of power for the company's sustainable development.

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