Case Sharing: The First Humeral Cup Ball Intramedullary Nail for Proximal Humeral Fracture in China

Patient Condition:

Mr. Yang, 75-year-old, presented to the outpatient with trauma and right shoulder pain, swelling and limitation of movement for one hour. He was diagnosed with "right proximal humerus fracture" and was admitted to the hospital for "intramedullary nail fixation".

Pre-operative images

Pre-operation, the patient was placed in the beach position, and the operator used the pectoralis major deltoid approach to fully expose the field of view:

Intra-operation, the nail was inserted first and then repositioned, and the main humeral cup ball intramedullary nail was inserted sequentially, the greater tubercle was fixed, the locking nail was inserted, and finally the lesser tubercle was repositioned and the matching top plate was inserted:

The post-operative recovery is good in x-ray view.

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