Case Sharing: Ankle Arthrodesis Nail

History of present illness (HPI) :

Female patient, aged 51.

Two years ago, she accidentally sprained her right ankle while walking. She felt obvious pain in the ankle joint at that moment, accompanied by movement limitation, but no discomfort such as numbness or weakness of the extremities. At that time, She did not receive treatment and recuperated at home. The ankle joint retraction pain occurred after injury, which was aggravated when walking and was relieved by oral analgesic.

One year ago, the ankle joint pain was significantly worse than before, accompanied by ankle joint movement limitation, and the pain was aggravated when walking, which was still not treated.

One month ago, she was admitted to another hospital, and X-ray showed ankle osteoarthritis. Later, she was admitted to our department for further treatment, and the outpatient doctor advised the patient to be hospitalized for surgical treatment with the diagnosis of "traumatic arthropathy of ankle joint".

General condition of the patient: the patient's spirit, sleep, diet, urine and bowel movements were normal. There was no significant change in weight.

Preoperative images

Intraoperative images

Postoperative images

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