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Clavicle Compression Plate
Superior Anterior Clavicle Locking Plate Ⅱ
Tapered plate tip facilitates percutaneous insertion and MIS operation.
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LCP Dia-Meta Volar Distal Radius Plates Pre-contoured plate
Distal Diaphyseal Radius Locking Plate Ⅱ
Distal Diaphyseal Radius Locking Plate Ⅱ has anatomical pre-contoured design, Kirschner wire holes and the long volar plate for diaphyseal-metaphyseal radius fracture.
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anatomical reduction suture anchor
Metal suture anchor system
Sixteen strands UHMW polyethylene Woven Sutures provide high strength for fixation. Metal anchor with full range of specifications for soft tissue, ligment and tendon to bone in shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, ankle joint operation fixation.
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Proximal Humeral Twisted Locking Plate
Proximal Humeral Twisted Locking Plate
Proximal Humeral Twisted Locking Plate is used for proximal humeral fractures and proximal humerus fracture with fracture line extending to the shaft
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Small Locking Plate
MD Distal Tibial L-Locking Plate
MD Distal tibial L-locking plate is used for posteriorllateral fixation. Small locking plate, pilon plate, combine-hole design, ankle foot, locking cortex screw
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Tibia Compression Plate Proximal LCP
Proximal Medial Tibial T-Locking Plate, Twin Hole
The Proximal Medial Tibial T-Locking Plate is a system with raft row screws for full plateau support to treat metaphyseal fractures of the medial tibial plateau and split-type fractures of the medial tibial plateau.
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