National Sales Manager(Orthopedic/Surgical/Dental product line)

Thailand 1 people / Indonesia 1 people / Philippines 1 people / 1 from Cambodia 1 people / Pakistan 1 people / Mexico 1 people / Colombia 1 people / Chile 1 people / Central American 1 people / Argentina 1 people / Spain 1 people / Egypt 1 people


1. College degree or above, 25-35 years old, the best majors in clinical medicine, traditional Chinese medicine orthopedics, nursing, biopharmaceuticals, marketing and other related majors;

2. Have more than 2 years of relevant sales experience in orthopedics or major surgery or oral field, familiar with the market conditions of the applied area, and familiar with local hospitals and distributor channels;

3. Be serious and responsible for work, have strong autonomy and initiative, have good teamwork ability, learning ability, interpersonal skills and time management ability;


Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development of new channels for orthopaedics/surgery/dental;

2. Maintain existing dealers, ensure the smooth delivery of orders, and do a good job of continuous production;

3. Do a good job in clinical promotion and let more people recognize the products of double medical

4. Follow up the use of the product, answer the questions about the product put forward by customers or doctors, and improve technical services;

5. According to the new product project requirements put forward by customers, cooperate with various departments and follow up to achieve product sales;

6. Participate in international exhibitions, establish corporate image, promote brand, and collect effective customer information;

7. Complete other tasks assigned by superiors.

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